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Typical engineering projects

    Since established, DragonMen Computer has focused on soft hardware's reverse engineering development for a long time. In order to provide better service for long-term development of China's electronic information industry and better technical research for large electronic equipments, we have successively set up many special R&D groups for metro reverse engineering, medical CT machine, large computer flat knitting machine, naval vessel control engineering, semiconductor testing & manufacturing equipments and so on.

    The special R&D groups consist of many senior electronic engineers with years of practical experience in soft hardware's R&D field. Most of them have good scientific research and profession background, accumulating rich practical experience and numerous typical cases.

    Through long-term technical research, DragonMen has succeeded in a lot of typical engineering projects and achieved a series of high-end technologies breakthrough; hence, DragonMen becomes the leading enterprise of reverse research field who provides system-level solutions and comprehensive technology support for majority of electronic engineers and electronic information enterprises.

    Relying on advanced soft hardware reverse development technology, DragonMen has successfully cloned and developed metro vehicles system, communication system, emergency exit, equipment monitoring, disaster alarm system, etc. The special team of large computer flat knitting machine has smoothly realized project's secondary development and product's updating & upgrading; reverse development team of medical CT machine has cloned and developed numerous large medical electronic equipments, like medical detection, medical image, laser instrument, ultrasonic system equipments; professional R&D team of naval vessel control engineering has cooperated with the military for many large projects; the special team also develops a number of large semiconductor testing & manufacturing equipments.

    DragonMen is seeking cooperation of products' clone & development projects and provides full set of product technical data transfer. Please contact DragonMen Business Center directly for more information.